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-With Grace, Guts and Gratitude-

Encouraging you to
find & forge
your own path, while Embracing Your Journey

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Hi there, I’m  Carol

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Carol Blogging with Journal in her lap


I am a firm believer in morning pages, their therapeutic value and capturing your life story through photography and writing. At any point, you can change your story, create your own life and write a happy ending. Journaling gives you a point of reflection and solitude in your own thoughts. My goal in having “Embrace Your Journey” is to help others find their voice. Read More

My Story

An artist my entire life, I have embraced the calling and now devote my time to family, love of photography, and writing. As an award-winning portrait artist, I focus on creating art (#art365) and writing #dailypages. I share my love of everything around me on the small or on the larger scale of things I encounter. You will find me in the mornings on the porch, cup of coffee in hand listening to the birds sing and melody of the chimes as they swing in the morning sun. What comes from these quiet moments alone, is sometimes life-changing, and often full of fun, wit, and wisdom. Visit my blog, at YourJourneyStudios.com and RandomThoughtsCaught.com for additional photography and writing.

My Values & Beliefs

Live Life to the fullest

Live Life to the fullest, you only have one, so don't let it get away.  I am standing up, I’m no longer afraid of the unknown. I am living everyday with a purpose and passion that I never thought possible.


Most of my life I have been what others have wanted me to be or at least what I perceived that to be.  We are made to be something special and to do what is intended, so #BeWhoUR and be proud.


  • Who are you when no one else is watching? The only person you need to impress – is you.
  • At the end of the day -the one who is responsible for your happiness is YOU






Embracing Your Journey

Living Your Best “Oil”


One way I live my best life is by using oils in my daily life.  I want to create an Embrace Your Journey Oil Tribe in order to help you with all your oil needs.  Come check out our group and let us have some fun.


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