Leonardtown WharfAn early meeting in Leonardtown this morning left me with a little time for exploring.  One of my favorite places to sit and reflect has always been at the bottom of the hill at Leonardtown Wharf.  This site has seen many different faces, events and changes.

Once the location for steam boat landings from Washington DC, it was also the location of “Leonardtown Wharf” a popular bar and restaurant until it burned in the early morning hours almost 30 years ago.  See Article Here


Leonardtown Wharf, St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Now, it is a public park, with a kayak launch and plenty of parking.  Although it is more active in the spring, summer and fall, winter is still a nice time to come and visit.  Although a little too cool for a lot of reflection time, a brisk walk always warms the soul.


Leonardtown Wharf

Frozen Embankment, Leonardtown Wharf


Leonardtown Wharf, Leonardtown, MD

Leonardtown Wharf, Leonardtown, MD


Leonardtown Wharf

Bubbles that never popped.

A little too cold for sitting...

A little too cold for sitting…