This photo was taken in VA Beach near Sandbridge.  As you go over this small bridge, the line beside it is just covered with all of this fishing line that never made it in the water.  It is obviously a warning and a testimony to any future fisherman that you may not want to put your most expensive lure on the end of that line.  It too could happen to you.  Yet, people continue to come there to fish. To try their luck… to take a shot. Lucky or not.  Some are possibly over zealous and get tangled in the line.  And I would imagine there are those who do not get caught.  We will never see them, for they have packed up and gone home.  With a fish, or without.  We’ll never know really unless we camp out and wait to see.  In the meantime,… enjoy “Adversity.”  We all go through it. It’s whether we overcome it or not.