Be Who U Are

…the fan on the gas stove continues to hum following the “poof” sound as the fire has gone out. The room has reached the temperature I have set on the remote. The temperature that I change regularly depending on the moment, and the amount of layers of clothing I am or am not wearing. Cold by nature, these newly found spontaneous moments of unexpected warmth has me burning more calories than a boot camp workout in a matter of seconds in one sitting. Peeling off layers, with my feet still cold, I begin to think, and a particular statement comes to mind. It has become my mantra.

“Be Who You Are”

But who “ARE” you?

Take a moment. Or take two. And think back to a time when you allowed yourself to dream. To think about the things that you really enjoyed. To spend time with yourself. With your own thoughts. Do you remember the days when you had nothing but time? When doing ONE thing at a time was all you did, because that is ALL you had to do?

Are you feeling overwhelmed now in your older skin and feeling like you do do do and never get anything done? We are all so busy. We are all so consumed with getting to our next event. Our next appointment. Our next goal. Our schedule.

When was the last time you did ONE thing. Only one thing at a time. We have been taught in the past 20 years or so that being the ultimate multi-tasker is a sign of success. And yet, how many of us are dissatisfied with ourselves feeling that we have not done enough. Or have not lived up to our potential?

Do tasks seem to be large and so overwhelming to you that you never begin them? Do you feel as though you never have the time to do the things that YOU want to do?

Starting today – give yourself permission to do only ONE thing for an hour. Yes, an hour. Set a timer. Focus on ONE thing. Be mindful in that one thing. Stay in that space. Silence your cell phone. Be engaged in the moment. Be aware of your thoughts. Have a notepad nearby. If you have thoughts that pull you away from your current space – write them down – and dismiss them for the time being. You can come back to them. Stay focused on where you are at the present time. Complete the task.

You will be surprised at how quickly the time will go by and how much you will get done. Even if this one thing is cleaning a room. Clearing out old kitchen drawers or rearranging your closet. Do that one thing and focus on that one task. If you come across things that do not belong in that area, put them at the door. DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. Leaving the room will only distract you and cause you to be interupted. As you work throughout your space, use your last 15 minutes to put away – in it’s proper home – all of the things you have put at the door. How will you know the time? You will, because, as a conditioned multi-tasker initially you will be checking the clock repeatedly at first. Make it a game with yourself to see how much you can get done before you look again. Do not check any of your social media feeds if you are using your phone as a stop watch/timer. Be strong.

“Be Who You Are”

It may seem as though I left this topic and began to ramble. Stay with me here… It will transform. And so will you, “Be.” In focusing on our current state. ONE task at a time, we are coming closer to digging back to Who we Truly Are. It’s a process. A layered process.

If an hour is too much for you to commit to, then start with 15 minutes. Everyone can spare 15 minutes a day to BE in one space, be FOCUSED on ONE thing. One subject. Remember this is not a task – this is a good thing. It’s a time for you – a time to clear your mind. At times, I will use this time to either BrainDump, BrainStorm or just be at peace with myself.

BE in the MOMENT so you can Be Who U Are. #BeWhoUare #tobecontinued