Carol DavisCarol Davis

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
~George Addair

One of my biggest career challenges was getting out of my own way and using my voice.

Being the youngest of four, and a “rainbow baby,” I have always walked in the sheltered shadows of my siblings. I was always considered “the baby” of the family – so I let others be my voice. Little did I realize I was giving others the power, that I deserved to own. For years, I’ve been put in other people’s “box” of thinking who and how I should be. I’ve learned it is ok to have your own dreams, to not live in someone else’s shadows/dreams just because you are told that is what you need to do.

Gaining confidence and believing in myself was a big thing for me… In April of 2011, I attended a Confidence Workshop in NJ hosted by Me Rah Koh… it was life-changing. At the end of the weekend, we stood in a sister circle, arms entwined, and shared our thoughts and dreams. I realized it was time to make changes and my path was beginning to unfold in front of me. The how remained to be seen. In April of 2013, I lost my mother suddenly. It was pivotal in understanding that tomorrow is not promised and you only get one lifetime to follow dreams. A week later, I watched and was inspired by Brook Shaden and many other artisans at After Dark, a photography conference I had been planning to attend (and had even been going to the gym for months ahead in order to have the stamina to keep up)! I was enamored with all that I saw and experienced… the free spirit and ability to be creative without boundaries. Shortly thereafter, I was able to make a break from the sign business I had owned and operated, and open my portrait studio full time. From there, I have continued and now run my portrait studio full time, something I’d dreamed of doing since I was in middle school.

As an avid journaler,

I am a firm believer in morning pages, their therapeutic value and capturing your life story through photography and writing. At any point, you can change your story, create your own life and write a happy ending. Journaling gives you a point of reflection and solitude in your own thoughts. My goal in having “Embrace Your Journey” is to help others find their voice. Whether it’s on paper or actually using it. I have found my voice. I get up every day and push myself beyond my fear and many times I get to the edge, but I do it anyway. I WANT to make a difference in this lifetime. I WANT my voice to really have an impact on others. I WANT to uplift other girls/women and be a leader through my creative voice.

I am standing up, I’m no longer afraid of the unknown. I am living every day with a purpose and passion that I never thought possible.

And this, I want to share with You. I want you to #chooseYou, and #BeWhoUR, and #EmbraceYOURJourney. Wherever you go, … there you are.

In the weeks ahead, I will be doubling back through YEARS of journaling and populating this space with old and new content. You will see beautiful images and inspiring words. You will see a reflection. You will see the RAW Carol, unedited, no filter. I’m excited to begin this NEW Journey while continuing with our portrait studio.

Thanks, CJ Nicoli for giving me so much clarity and direction in the past year of “YOU” and “PHOENIX.” I’ve truly been able to put my word of the year “RELEASE,” in action.

Below is just a taste of some of the topics I’ll be touching on… and there is so so much more…

  • Cut the old ways of thinking – Cut the ties that bind you – Those old thoughts of having to be what others expect you to be.
  • Be committed to excellence.
  • Be committed to standing out in a crowd – and being comfortable with it.
  • Become comfortable with the words “Ill do it”
  • Be comfortable with yourself – In your own skin before worrying about someone else.


  • At the end of the day -the one who is responsible for your happiness is YOU.
  • You are the one that lays down – closes your eyes at night and settles in with no one else but YOU.

“Like” yourself.

  • Who are you when no one else is watching?  The only person you need to impress – is you.

?Check back often, and I’ll be seeing you soon.?

With Gratitude and Love,