Eat Grapes and Slow Down in Life

grapes how do you pick

Pick a bunch of grapes, or just one at a time?

While eating breakfast this morning I started to pull off a bunch of grapes from the stem.  It seemed easier to eat that way.  However, as I was eating them… I noticed that I went quickly and didn’t think about what I was doing, quickly popping more than one in my mouth as I was focused on doing other computer work.  Fortunately, I had not pulled all of them from the stems because, for me, I learned this morning… I need to pull one grape at a time and enjoy it. It’s the experience of selecting that grape.  Even though you will probably eat everyone of them… which one is next?

In my own experience having them pulled from the stem ahead of time caused me to feel as though the work was done for me.  It took me a moment to realize… that by pulling each individual grape off, one at a time.  I appreciated and enjoyed “that” particular grape that much more. Even though I had pulled a good little pile off initially, it was mindless, a quick repetitive action vs. direct and thoughtful.

How do you eat your grapes?  Do you first wash them? Drying carefully so as to not knock any off?  Do you just reach in and grab them plucking directly from the stem?  Is it boredom, hunger or need for nourishment? Is it purposeful.  LOL. Or are you thinking … “frankly Carol, I’ve never considered how I eat my grapes and you are weird.”

A lot can be said from eating grapes.  One at a time. And that in itself can be applied to our daily lives.  One grape at a time, plucked from the stem, as we are ready for it – and enjoying and being in the moment with it and reaping every benefit it dares to give and provide.

We are all so busy multi-tasking.  It’s what society expects us to do.  It’s time to slow down. Be good at doing one thing at a time, for then you will finish your task at hand vs. having a lot of things started, and not completed.

My lessons for me this morning.  Slow down.  Enjoy what is in front of you vs. steamrolling through it to “just get it done.”  Savor the moment. Be good at one thing at a time, for then it will develop into several good things completed.

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