circle of hands


Finding our tribe, Being within our Circle

We all wish to have a sense of belonging.  A place where we are comfortable.  A place where we feel safe.  A place where we feel accepted. Regardless.  We are one with the circle.

How do you find your people?  How do you find your circle?  I have several. And each one feeds a part of me that is hard to explain.  And yet if I put the contents of these circles together, they may not groove or jive as the community I so desire.  So for now I will continue to collect a piece of each, for it is what makes me who I am.

The circles…

The crafty bunch

The spiritual bunch

The memories from school bunch

The free spirited bunch

The healthy-gym oriented bunch

The eclectic bunch

The historical preservation bunch

The professional bunch

The driven for success bunch

The networking bunch

The support group

Now go back and look at your own circles to see who bleeds over into another… who resonates with your core, your everyday?  

You are the sum of these personalities and habits. Be with “good stuff.”