so I am starting to get the hang of this blogging thing… consistency is key.  I like to have things orderly and in a straight line before proceeding.  The problem with that you see is most of my life is never in order.  This means no blogging outright, just a lot of thoughts caught up in my head.  So if you will excuse the mess, while I straighten here a bit, I will get my thoughts in order and just lay them out as they flow.

This morning, while getting ready to put the lid on the trashcan, I noticed this bag from Panera (love that place by the way) … I didn’t “see” a bag of trash though.  What I saw was the message – and so it’s this message that I will share with you today.

“Share Peace”

this was taken with my iphone and then cropped and little bits of magic added to it… 🙂

Peace be with you.