“I love you… but….”

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, there is a lot of focus on Love.

All my life I have heard lessons of Loving Unconditionally.  Put no conditions on those you love.  Love them for who they are in the uniqueness of which they vibrate.  Easy enough? Right?  In some cases yes, others unconditional love just doesn’t happen and better suited for another writing.

Today’s thought is on Giving and Receiving Love, WITHOUT Limits.  I am talking about what we ALLOW ourselves to give and what we allow ourselves to receive.

First, let’s visit what we allow ourselves to give.  We are given the ability to Love freely, and equally.  For various reasons, we don’t.  Our life experiences cause us to react in many different ways. We love with limits.  There are lines drawn in the sand and unspoken boundaries set.

When we invest time in people, it is human nature to feel that as a tribe, they will return this investment in us.  When they do not, it is hurtful.  We recoil. We limit the next time the amount of effort put into the relationship. We limit what the future for that relationship is — we begin to feel time spent, is better spent where it is more effective for the greater good.

Reciprocal Love and Respect —

Finding a balance in the give and take of a relationship is sometimes a little sketchy.

Ah, the receiving part.  It is better to give than to receive. Although this is very accurate, it is also unrealistic.  Face it, Love just makes you feel good.  So of course, by all means, we all want it! And a lot of it! Don’t show me the money… Show me the LOVE !

Friendship vs. Professional
What is your position? Where do you find yourself in a relationship with someone? Is it strictly a business/professional relationship? Or does love factor in?  If love factors in – is it reciprocal? Do you feel an allegiance to a business or a person, and why? Is each person vested in the same outcome? Does one expect more from the relationship than the other?

love falls out of your hand

“You are the most unique person I have ever met. You are so talented .  I am not going to support you though.”  You feel the love, right in the palm of your hand, you grip it, you hold it and at that moment, you reach out to grasp another’s hand in comradery, it reaches forward and bites you, and slits a vein of hope and trust in your wrist.

What is this thing called love when paired with the female species trying to get ahead in this world?

What is a business friendship vs a friendship? Does “going through” something together change an outlook or outcome?

How do you know where you stand in this “business friend relationship” when someone states “they love you,” yet they do not support you? My friend, that is love with limits. And there is certainly a difference. This is truly simply a business friendship – there is no love lost because there has been no love given.  The boundaries have been set.  Yes, they “love” – with limits, therefore, it is not love in it’s purest of form.  It is merely dutiful.

What is your definition of loyalty? Business vs. Personal. Dividing the two.

Emotion – when it’s important to leave it out?

Men vs Women – Friendships, vs Love, vs Loyalty vs Business

Men…men, don’t worry about this stuff.

How do you fix this?  Roll your sleeves up and dig in.  Do the work. Love.  Love without Limits.  Know who you are, and where you come from – surround yourself with Love – and #believe … #believeinLove.