“Independence Day…”

Just what exactly does it mean? It can mean so much to many – the same really – and to others it can have a completely different spin – thought – jive.

I sit this morning, with the sun coming up, the light bouncing off the diamonds on my hand and falling on the pages as I write – reflections of the morning that has barely begun.


I know I have spoken about this before, or at least it has landed between the pages of my journals that have yet to be seen, publicly.

Independence. Free of Dependence.

What is it you are depending on? People, Money, Job, Love, Affection, Food, Drink?

During this period of slow down, we have all had to go without; whether we wanted to or not. We have discovered there are things we can do without. If we hadn’t been faced with this situation, chances are we may not have discovered this.

Akin to going on a trip, when one has to pack a suit case to contain all that they would need in a week, you learn quickly what you do and do not need – and ultimately at the end of the week, there is ALWAYS that one, maybe even two things that you took with you that you never used. Why, at the time, did it seem so important that you HAD to have it? You HAD to take it with you…. Dependence. or Lack of Discipline?

LOL. Maybe both.

Sometimes they go hand-in-hand.

What is it about something, or someone that makes you feel dependent on it, or them? Are you capable of doing without? What would that look like for you?

Initially – you may struggle, falter and even have feelings of self-doubt, a small panic perhaps of “what was.” But – would you eventually recover and move forward into a space where you may have never gone before? Are you holding on to “things” that prevent you from being able to move about freely?

What is holding you down? What is holding you back? What is preventing you from being able to achieve all that you’ve ever dreamed of? Better yet – when was the last time you actually sat down and goal set? When was the last time you dreamed about doing something — and then actually worked towards that goal? Did you actually – REALISTICALLY, Do. Something. About. It? If not, what stopped you? Was it you and your own thoughts? Was it someone else who told you “that can’t be done?”

Was it “I have to much “stuff” or too much baggage?”

Was it “I’ll do that when I loose weight?”

Was it “When I get over this _______ then it will be the perfect time?”

Was it “I’m just not the right fit, or I don’t think I can?”

Was it “Just when I think I am strong enough, I second guess myself?”

Was it “I don’t have enough money?”

Was it “You may be able to say and do those things, but my life is different, and I would never be able to ________.”

Whatever the Blank is, whatever your personal journey is – whatever you feel you cannot do…. it all resides and grows strength only in one place….. YOUR OWN HEAD. Your Own Thoughts.

Yes – there will be times when those thoughts are railroaded. When there are obstacles – either self inflicted or put there by others. Traps to pause you – for someone else’s cause. If it is something meaningful to you…. if it is something that causes you’re heart to flutter, your head to spin…. If it is something that as you lay in bed at night, thinking… as it creeps back into your thoughts… If it is something that when you wake in the morning it causes you to stop, and pause – and wonder about the “what if” or the “if only”….  If it falls into any of the randomness here that I have described to you, WHY ARE YOU HOLDING BACK? Why are you keeping it held within?

Is there some small step, no matter how minuet it may be, that you can do to have a piece of what may be festering, bubbling from within… (ie. “I’d love to own a bakery”…. then foster that need – that feeling and bake your favorite cookie recipe and share it) While you are doing this one small act – be in the space – do it with intention and mindfulness that this is your best yet – and others will love it – but you don’t care if they don’t. Read that again…. other’s will love it – but you don’t care if they don’t. You are doing this for YOU. No one else. This is your moment – your time.

This is YOUR Independence Day.

Embrace it. Live it. Create it and Follow YOUR JOURNEY to where you are destined to be, and create the life you have always dreamed of and Love. Choose You.

Be a Blessing to Yourself, and the Blessings to others will follow.

#Reboot2020 #Deadline2020 #ChooseYou #EmbraceYourJourney #BeWhoUr

With Guts, Grace and Gratitude,
Your Resident Joyologist