Input vs. Output.  Fill Your Well. 

Todays reflection is about Input vs. Output

Give and Receive.

We are all on both ends of this equation. The key is to find balance.  How are you providing input in your life?  What is your output? What is filling your well? What causes your cup to overflow?  Are you allowing yourself to RECIEVE?

What happens when others “Quit You?”

You’ve had a significant loss in your life – and people you expect to be supportive of you, NO MATTER WHAT. *quit you*

Love Changes –

No matter how much I didn’t want to write that – it insisted on being written. *love changes*

Whether through death, divorce, breakup, loss of a job – “significant LOSS”


Love can either Grow. or DIE.

It’s not happy to talk about it dying.  Fact is – it happens –

But mostly it Changes.

From the time we are very young. We Love.  

We have attachment.  

We have favoritism.

“Love is unconditional.”

AT Least it is SUPPOSE to be.

When is it then that it is 

Love vs. Like?

What causes Like

to go to Love

and Love to go to dislike?

or even dislike to hate?

Especially ~ when Love was in the beginning?


Trust is a huge factor.

Break someone’s trust and the ability to regain it may never occur.

To Love someone, but not trust them is very hard on a persons heart.

To Love someone, and be disappointed in their actions, is very hard on a persons heart.

Heartbreak comes in many forms.

Loving —

Heartbreak is the price of Love.

Loving deeply is setting yourself up for heartbreak in the future.


At what price are you willing to Love?

How much of your heart are you willing to spend?

.and on Whom?

Do you Trust?

Can you Trust?

How much of your heart can you give away and not expect return on investment?

…i’ll repeat that one…

How much of your heart can you give away and not expect a return on investment?


That speaks volumes.

“Only spend what you can afford to loose; on a house by the sea.”

is a quote I’ve often thought about and reflect back on.

It’s pretty poignant really.

Obviously –

when comparing how you spend your heart, to how you spend your money,


Although ~ I’m certain there are many who do.

They give love based on what they receive.

They give effort based on effort given.

We are back to Give and Receive.

Input and Output.