Telephone GirlLearn to close the conversation…

As a child growing up we were taught not to speak back, accept the words spoken to us for what they were.  As we grew and evolved into this world of electronics and speaking with our thumbs, we can be in the middle of a conversation and drop off with no rhyme or reason.  This leaves our person we are talking to, to wonder – where am I? What did I do? Did I say something wrong? Are they ok?

When talking on the telephone, if you left the conversation open ended – with no closure, it surely would be considered a hang up.  People would wonder.  They would worry.  They would be offended.  There would be no disconnect.  

Today there leaves a lot to be desired when referring to the art of communication.  Proper communication goes along the same lines as Manners.  Having them or not.

The convenience of smart phones and email has lessened our requirement for having a complete sentence, therefore ultimately have a complete conversation.

When face-to-face with someone or on a telephone, you do not simply make a statement and walk away or hang up.  You are engaged in communication – dialect – interaction.

Why then, when we are texting or emailing do we allow this to occur?

Because we are disconnected before we even begin.

Before we even begin our conversation – we are not connected.

There is no eye contact. There is no body contact. There is no voice contact.  And even if we are “with” someone – the allure of a possible “text” from someone else keeps us more interested in an electronic device, than the person sitting right in front of us.

Our senses have not been awakened to engage therefore we are not connected.

How can you change this in your life? How can you become more connected?

How can you continue to use the tools of convenience – and have a more positive, more connected outcome?  Where are you with your effort with communication?