My Winter Assignment … January.2015
This is the second year I have been given a winter assignment, in the hopes of me “liking winter.”  It’s not a secret that I am NOT a fan of winter. To ease the pains of winter, my friend Missy challenged me to snow angels last year.

carol snow angel

Snow Angel Challenge 2014

I saw her challenge, and topped it with snow angels in a bikini… So this year, was photos of snowflakes… after a limited snow season, I was able to capture a few and so I begged for spring since the challenge was done. This morning brought another round of snow… Me being one for extra credit, … took the plunge, out to what some consider winter beauty, and captured a few more of these pesky little devils.

I must admit, I did loose track of time as I got excited each time a new one dropped and I could see it’s shape, different than the last one, the back of my camera. I noticed they melt very quickly, even though it is cold as the dickens (whatever that means, but I know it means COLD), they melt and loose their perfect Godlike shape VERY quickly. So you have to move fast… Here are but a few of the ones that I was able to capture before they turned to mush.
So it’s here that I have decided, that it is not the “snowflake” that I dislike so much, it is the ice and mush that it turns to upon falling to the earth. So – in other words, as long as they stay “heavenly” they are “OK” with me. Which brings me to a thought… “Snowflakes are angel kisses, sent from heaven but for a brief moment to share, and enjoy their silent beauty.”
 With that being said… for now… not for long – perhaps for as long as the snowflake retains it’s purity, grace and beauty, I will temporarily lay down my sword and succumb and admit that I enjoyed being out in the beauty of the snow this morning while capturing these. My hands frozen, I refused to go inside until I had taken “just one more.” Because indeed, each one is completely different from the last.
I close with a grateful heart and a loud begging cry, …. “can we please have warm weather now?!!?!?!” Afterall, I got the shot, again.
Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake