Sitting in the restaurant we talked about our dreams and goals. About our desires and where we wanted to go and what we could do. She expressed her desire for a new car. I was reminded of a story one of my employees from years back had shared with me. She drove what we call a “beater.” A car, beaten up, loved because of its functionality, but not something that would win any classic car competitions. A car, that an old co-worker of mine would have said in a seasoned “I’ve owned hundreds of car’s voice.”   ….. I wouldn’t want to walk as far as that car will take me.”

This beater – this car that my employee drove – was that type of car. Sore on the eyes of others – but certainly functional and reliable. My employee smiled as she told me – “You know, I really don’t think about it. It has everything I need. All of the gauges work, the tank is full of gas, – oh and I get great gas mileage – and the radio works perfectly. When I am inside and driving it – I don’t see the outside. It’s reliable and gets me to where I want to go.”

I marveled at this young girls outlook at something so many people her own age wouldn’t think of or even understand. She was practicing Gratitude at one of its highest levels. Just being thankful for the moment and all she already had right at her fingertips.

a loss is something you may go backwards looking to “Find”

As I shared this memory with my friend, I was reminded of this lesson and how important it is to regularly practice gratitude and being thankful for the blessings all around. We both agreed, and acknowledged this. During our conversation – my word of the year came up – RELEASE. Release is such a powerful word, and I had been finding this out both on the physical, mental and emotional side of things. A lesson learned along the way was the demonstration of your hands holding onto something tightly. Gripping for all you are worth – not letting go – not Releasing. As we are so focused on holding on tight, we are closed – and not Open, a Open hand – to Receive. To receive whatever it is that may complete, enhance, enrich. It was nice to be able to share these experiences and discoveries. Each of us learning and receiving from the conversation pieces and parts – little nuggets – that we each could use on our own journey. One of the things I didn’t realize that day was my friend had also been on a weight loss journey. Another “release.” And in her words, not a “Loss” – a loss is something you may go backwards looking to “Find” – and she wasn’t interested in finding those extra pounds again. It was a “Release.” A release – a let go – of something figuratively and literally holding her down. So many good messages in such a short timeframe in conversation.

Welcome Wynne

As I was finishing setting up the studio, the doorbell rang. I came to the door to find my friend standing there in a flowing fuchsia top with slits on the sleeves and white capri pants that showed her sparkly black heeled sandals. She had just arrived for a portrait session for headshots needed for marketing material. Her smile radiant as I opened the door to let her in, I knew we were going to create beautiful portraits.

Climbing the stairs to the camera room, she squealed with delight upon seeing the personalized sign Welcoming her to the studio. The session went perfectly with an array of images captured. Endless conversations revealed her success story of releasing over 135 lbs and becoming comfortable with the refection now seen in the mirror, and ultimately the reflection captured within the lens of my camera.

With glassy eyes, we went through each of the images – analyzing, critiquing and dissecting each little piece. Some were named even – Sassy Wynne, Happy Wynne, Confident Wynne, Approachable Wynne, Serious Wynne…. We both laughed at “Come hither Wynne” and agreed that one probably wasn’t the choice to use professionally.Faces of Wynne Briscoe

Even though she has seen this transformation of herself in the mirrored reflection every day she had not “seen” what my camera saw – What all of us on the outside have been seeing…. She’s been “driving her car” from the inside out. She’s been listening to her radio – her own input. She’s been filling her tank to Full – and getting awesome mileage for her soul. She’s not been worried, or concerned with “the outside influence or opinion.” She has practiced gratitude at its highest, and even perhaps it’s lowest. She has Released – there is no losses here. Sitting there in the review room looking at these images with her I had to smile. She was seeing first hand what I’ve always seen, regardless of weight. She was seeing her person – her who I am, who I want to be and who I have been before – Before it was lost, before others told me who I needed – or should – “Be.” She has found her-SELF, through “Release.

Sometimes there are no words that need to be spoken to speak volumes.

My heart beats slower, and my breath matches it’s pace as I sit and honor this moment with her. There is no room for words within this space – and they wouldn’t do it justice even if spoken.

After picking out her absolute favorites, we settled on her most favorite, which would be used for an upcoming speaking event. She chose “leaning in, happy, approachable, I’m listening, Wynne.

Release to Receive, let it gratitude take over.

I walked her to her car, one I hadn’t seen yet. A newsed VW hardtop convertible Eos. She beamed brightly as she got in. The Eos, I learned, was named after a Titaness, a divine being, the Goddess of the dawn, who rose each morning, from her home at the Edge of Oceanus. What a perfect blending of souls. Smiling, she shared her new ride with me. Knowing the background, the story of what this meant to her, made me appreciate her happiness even more. Seeing the reward of gratitude in a tangible form, knowing in my heart that regardless of the “outside” — whether the shell of skin, or a vehicle, that the beautiful soul of this woman has grown and is exploding into the Universe. It fills my cup – it teaches me humility and above all, it teaches me love.

“Live life to its fullest and make a difference along the way.” – Kim’s mantra. ….. It surfaces in my heart regularly and it’s in moments like these that I am regularly reminded.

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Congratulations to Wynne on recently being awarded Maryland SBDC State Star.

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