shed a layerThis week I have begun to peel a little from the sun I received while in FL a week ago.  Although I never felt “burnt” or as if I had received “too much” sun, my body felt the need to “shed” the top layer.

Metaphorically speaking, I see it as stepping out of one skin and into another.  Although the current temperature outside will not allow me to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I know the time is right around the corner.

I sit and reflect on this layer that bit by bit is peeling away revealing the new, the fresh.  I am excited to let go of things that have been holding me back.  I am excited to begin again, to pick up where I left off.  The winter seems to slow things to a crawl for me.  Not only my body, but my mind.  I tend to go within.  Reflect2Renew.  As much as I despise it, It’s needed – the winter that is…  I only wish it wasn’t as extended and as extreme as my body feels every ache and pan that being alive for 50 years brings.  going away last week has given new perspective.  I realize it is necessary to feel the cold – maybe not on such a continuous basis, but necessary.  It’s necessary to miss something to such an extreme, so when it returns your appreciation is even greater.  Considering we are in the Lenton season, this can be understood and applied as well.  Restraint comes to mind… Not sure how it factors in… just comes to mind.

As I reach around to rub an itch on my shoulder, I am again reminded of the layer leaving.  The discomfort of dryness that winter brings.  I know that with the return of warmth, will return the humidity.  Something those who love the cold, hate.  The humidity will soften my skin and replenish it’s moisture without any extra effort by me.  There’s that word – “effort.”  Something I am focusing on for 2016.  Balance and Effort.

So in order, to feel better in my own skin, I need to take effort in applying extra coconut oil or lotion to allieviate the physical and mental symptoms of the striss on my body brought on by the cold air.  In taking a little extra time for me, not only will I find comfort, I will find balance during a time when I am not in control of my environment.

Take time for the little things that could make all the world of difference to the big picture.  So, as this layer leaves, a new one is ready to emerge.  Fresh, renewed, relieved, rejuvenated.


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