Where ever you go, there you are….

The Power of Suggestion.

I hear the coffee brewing.  Even though bedtime came early for me the night before because of an allergy attack, I can begin to smell it’s aroma.  

I hear “happiness.”  I smell “joy.”

I look forward to it’s “taste.”  I am content in being patient in the moment.  The moment as the fan for the stove kicks on forcing warm air into a cold room.

I turn on a sound file that I recorded while on vacation.  At first it only sounds like white noise.  Something our entire existence reflects.  White noise.  Everything else is tuned out ~ until I hear it.  I hear them.  It’s quiet except for the brewing of a fresh pot of coffee and the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.  The warm air blows and I cover my feet with a blanket.  I am as good as there.  As close as I can be in my current moment.

I am at peace.

Some of what you really need can be right at your fingertips.  Often, we are so busy looking for “it” that we miss “IT.”

Love – Peace – Joy

We hear what we tune into.

What are you listening “for.”