This time of year is perfect for an outdoor family portrait session. Regardless of the location you want, be it a mountain field or a local park or garden, there are lots of wardrobe options to consider. Here are a few of our favorite looks for this season.

First, consider the spring color palette this year. Most designers favor any combination of these shades in their spring lines.

You can create a stylish look with any one of these colors, simply paired with white or other neutrals, such as the Starfish or Driftwood shades. Alternately, these colors can work well together to create a more playful or dramatic look.

Sodalite Blue would pair well with Sweet Lilac, Solar Power or Margarita.

Some of the stronger hues like Bellflower, Cabaret and Tangerine Tango will make great accent colors for accessories, shoes and jewelry.

Here are some fun spring looks from Gap:

You can create a variety of looks with these color ideas, from casual to sophisticated, splashy to subdued. If you use a strong color, be sure to balance it out with plenty of white or neutral pieces as well. Above all, be sure to let each family member’s personality shine through.